It may sound fun to others to see things perfectly and most of us are fascinated with the new inventions that we can see and get along every day as we think that we want to try them or we wanted to have one as well. If you will see Science as a subject, a lot of kids would think that this one is pretty boring as you need to learn more things there and you have to consider as well of memorizing the words and the scientific names in order for you to get a good score during the test. You would meet different kinds of tools and apparatuses in the laboratory which you will need when you are doing some experiments and some activities that students and people would enjoy. Of course, if you are working in the lab, then you need to know how to maintain them and some may say that this one very tiring as you need to clean it and maintain them every day or you need to hire an autoclave service and maintenance for the machines that are not working well and you need to think about the expenses here.  

Most of the kids would think that they need to learn science but it is not making them feel very interested as there are many things that they need to do. We can talk more things here on how you are going to encourage your kids to learn science in a more productive way.  

If they are in a classroom, then the teacher should be more experimental or they can play games that will interest the students and make sure that it is related to the topic so that you would not worry about the lesson. Of course, for the high school and university students, they would think that playing games could be very childish so you need to upgrade and level up a bit. You can do some experiments but you need to introduce the things and the tools to them first like the autoclave, the test tube, the beaker, and the different useful chemicals that they can use there.  

Of course, doing it every day could be very tiring, so you need to think of some other ways like drawing a picture as it will help them to understand deeper the different parts of the body of the plants, animals and humans. You can ask them to label the parts and make sure that it is right, so they can look at the book to check the answers and get to know more by letting them explain the things there.  

If your kids are interested in watching TV shows, then it would be nicer if you are going to introduce some shows like the discovery channel or the animal planet, where they can learn more things about great inventions and the different animals around the world. Going on a museum would be a good option as well if your kids would love to see the different artifacts there.